Rivana Greywyre


Ghost Bard


Rivana Greywyre was a bard who went to Havehollow in search of fortune, glory, and a good tale to tell. Unfortunately, Rivana met her end after being poisoned by Drubil, the Imp familiar that once served Astabar. Left to die by her companions, she never quite realized that she had, in fact, died. Rivana haunted the Crooked Crow Inn from time, doomed to lead another group of adventurers to repeat her mistakes until one righted her death and gave her spirit peace.

When Tezca, Tasitarn, and Mustard traveled with her to Havehollow and slew both Drubil and Astabar, Rivana was finally able to come to terms with her own mortality and move on from the Material Plane.

Rivana Greywyre

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